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Lean Green Microgreens

At Lean Green Microgreens we look at greens from a brand new Perspective. Microgreens are the Next Generation superfoods. Packed with more antioxidants than regular greens, Microgreens also offer new and exciting flavours that will surely entice your palate. Perfect for Salads, Gourmet Cousines and Salad compliments, Microgreens are sure to add colour and character to your table.    


Fresh and Live Microgreen Baskets. Select from Many Varieties and Sizes. 

Come and Visit us at Bentleigh and Kingston Farmers Market. 


The Founders, stumbled upon Microgreens while in the search for the ultimate Health Foods. 

I am hooked.. After trying the Red Radish, I was blown away by the flavours.


South Melbourne, Vic

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